Lokal Smak which means Local Flavor in Norwegian is an app to help promote local farms produce and farm made artisanal foods.

Lokal Smak began as an idea I got when driving to my cabin in the Norwegian mountains. I always wanted to stop by the farms along the road but because I never knew when they were open I bought my groceries before leaving home. 

I designed an interface that allows the farmer to describe what they do, post their contact information and product list. Every product has its own page with an image, description, price, season and where and how to get it. 

When designing this app I focused on the unique features of every farm and product to appeal to the growing appetite amongst consumers for locally produced food.


Concept, UX, Design, Art Direction


The user is able to browse the listings of farm shops near to them, search for farms based on region or search for specific products and categories. When visiting a product page the user can swipe through images of the product, get tips on how to prepare it and read info about the farm that sells it. 



The colors I have picked are an earthy and warm pallette inspired by old Norwegian herritage and painting style. I have choosen a clean type treatment to let the imagery from each farm speak for it self and focusing on detail shots to get an authentic feel. 


Farm Page
The user can swipe through images of the farm shop and find directions to visit. The user is able view a list of the products being sold on the farm and links to more detailed information on their product page.